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Privacy Policy

Objective of the privacy policy

The privacy policy, as mentioned in this privacy statement, aims to enable Windmillhopper to carry out its mission in a professional manner in accordance with current legislation.


The owner of Windmillhopper is responsible for the processing of personal data. He is the first point of contact for the processing of personal data.


You can submit questions about and changes to your personal data by email (preference) or by telephone.

Personal data that we process

By booking a boat trip online, natural persons and companies voluntarily provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • telephone number

  • E-mail address

  • Bank account number

The data will be used to collect the costs for the cruise and to contact you if there are questions or comments regarding your booking. The data is stored in a central database, which is secured by unique passwords. For these functions, we make use of external organizations that process the data for us. We conclude processing agreements with these parties. Windmillhopper always remains responsible for the processing of the data. These data will under no circumstances be used for other purposes. The data is never passed on to third parties.

Retention period data

Windmillhopper does not store the data as mentioned above for longer than is legally required.


The Windmillhopper website uses cookies on the website to optimize your experience. These cookies are used for marketing purposes.


For complaints about the use of your personal data by Windmillhopper, you can reach us via

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